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Veröffentlicht: Dienstag, 26. November 2013

Welcome to my website It's far from complete at this state but I thought it was time to migrate my site to the new look and technology of joomla 3. I made the former version of this site when I went travelling for a year in 2010/2011. So most articles and especially pictures are from that time.

The name freewindtraveller is based on my motorbike - a Suzuki Freewind - which I bought in 2005 when the bike was already 8 years old. In the last years I rode more than 80'000 km on this "beginner's bike" without any breakdown, mostly travelling. Apart from that I like the name freewind - free like the wind - especially when travelling... freewindtraveller

During the trip I had some time to learn a bit about photography and about my camera. The cam is soon to be replaced, so more pictures will follow. At the moment there is not too much text on my website. I prefer taking photographs instead of doing long blogs, just because a picture is more than a thousand words and for that I would have write a lot. Maybe in a future trip I find some "time" to write a bit more.

The major part of the site is the travel area, which includes photos in articles. In the photography part, I tried to describe some backgrounds where the pictures were made. Software is to describe some tools used for photography and other areas, but it's not up to date. Miscellaneous is still "under construction".

If you find a bug on the site please let me know via the contact form, so I can (try to) fix it.

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