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HDR photography

Published: Friday, 20 December 2013

hdr fotography is a method to combine images of the same scene. These images are taken with different exposure time and thus represent a range of brightnesses.
Normally when you take a picture of a scenery with very dark and bright images (dark room inside a house with a window on a sunny day - illuminated town square at dusk or at night) you have to chose which part of the scene will be illuminated correctly. For hdr images many source images of different brightness are merged together, so that not only one brightness is represented correctly.

A picture is worth a thousand words - in this case a picture series:



I tried some freeware utilities that can handle the generation of an hdr image (including tone mapping) but the results were not as expected. Maybe it's because I did not find the optimum settings but the default results in "photomatix" look much better. Unfortunately Photomatix is not freeware - but depending how often it is used it can be worth the licence fee. It can be evalutated, images then include a watermark. Thus you can take your time to make the source images and if you have enough images to colorize walls you can order the full version and remove the water mark (they also have a student version - I think an .edu mail domain is necessary).





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