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Published: Wednesday, 25 December 2013

A collection interesting landscapes in different lights


near Guilin (China): rice terraces (2010)

2-3 hours from Guilin in southern China there is this beautiful landscape. The picture is taken in autumn. This is why the rice is golden brown instead of green and there is no water on the terraces. The harvest is mostly done but some farmerswere still harvesting the rice in the terreaces. The picture was taken in the morning after the rain stopped. The foggy atmosphere is even amplified by the fire near one of the houses.




Yangshuo (China): the Lee river (2010)

This view of the limestones mountains at the banks of river Lee can also found on a Chinese 20 Yuan bill. After 3 rainy days it finally got better - but one of the more interesting pictures was when the sun broke through the clouds. The picture was taken on a small boat in the evening.


Yangshuo (China): the Lee river (2010)

This picture was taken on one of the rainy days. The clouds unite with the tops of the limestone hills. Because of the bad weather the boats remained empty because tourists were not willing to cruise at these conditions.


Luang Prabang (Laos): Sunset at the Mekong (2010)

The fisherman in the center of the picture pulls his net out of the water. The banks of Mekong are still wet and reflect the light of the drowning sun.


Kâmpôt (Cambodia): Sunset on the Kampong (2010)

The water got really dark, almost black, after the sun has set behind the mountains. But there was still enough light to take the picture on the boat. The quiet dark water reflects the light in about the same brightness. The palm trees' shapes are still visible in the dark, especially the one that exceeds the mountains in the background.


Koh Phi Phi (Thailand): Sunset Cruise (2010)

Panorama picture made on a boat trip around the Phi Phi islands. After the sun has already vanished behind the hills of the island, the sky got brighter and brighter. Although the sun is not visible any more, this sunset picture is one of my favourites due to the variety of coulours in this picture.


Koh Phi Phi (Thailand): Viewpoint (2010)

Picture of Koh Phi Phi Don (the main island). Panorama picture taken from a viewpoint on top of the hill after sunrise on a cloudy day. On the right side there is a beach with fisher boats. The left part of the narrow spit is the main peer of Koh Phi Phi.


Baikal Lake (Russia): Olchon Island (2010)

All over the island you can see the religious prayer flags. A parking car left for eternity is less common. In those areas you can definitely see that Russia belongs to 2 different continents and Europe is far away.


Mount Cook (New Zealand): The face of Mount Cook (2011)

Mr. Mount Cook: This picture was taken in the evening, while the sun lit the top of Mount Cook. The original picture showed an orange light at the snowy parts. Through wite balance correction the snow is now white again. At the same time the sky changes into an intense dark blue. It is easy to recon eyes, nose and the huge tongue of a face. The mountain was named after the discoverer Mr. Cook. This picture explains the expression "glacier tongue".


Punakaiki (New Zealand): Sunset in the South Pacific (2011)

In this picture an interesting object in the foreground is missing. There are only a few medium size waves. The intensity of the colours and the positions of the clouds provide a nice atmosphere anyway.


Loch Duich (Scotland): Eilean Donan Castle (2009)

This picture was taken in the morning before the famous "Highlander Castle" opens and lots of tourists visit that place. The weather is typical of Scotland. Clouds and sun alternate permanently.


Isle of Skye (Scotland): Kilt Rock (2009)

A closed aperture showes the waterfall fluent and keep the rocks in the background sharp. The rocks in the background look like traditional Scottish Kilts.


Utah (USA): The monument vally (2005)

This picture could be a postcard or taken from an American western. Perfect weather and a really dry reagon around the monuments in Utah.

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