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Published: Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A collection of pictures - mostly snapshots - on the streets or public areas.


Beijing (China): Entrance to the Forbidden City (2010)

There are many people in China, especially in Beijing. This picture was taken near the entrance of the Forbidden City, but these people were just passing by and not waiting to get in some attractions. The first week of October is Chinese holiday (whole week) and even more people are travelling around the country. The picture reminds me of the movie "the Matrix" where Neo first attends the training program (only the lady in red is missing).


Beijing (China): The Palace at the City border (2010)

In the park of the Palace Beijing looks much quieter and relaxter. The park is a bit outside the city center. But the main reason why it is less crowded is: the park is huge. In Asia much more people use an umbrella on sunny days than in rain.


Beijing (China): Western Music in the East (2010)

Band playing in one of Beijing's backstreets. The western music was a big attraction for both tourists and locals. Even in Beijing these foreigners (as well as tall strange looking European tourists) are really special, because compared to other Asian countries - the vast majority of people are amongst the Chinese.

near Guilin (China): Accomodation at the rice terraces (2010)

A 2-3 hours busride north of Guilin in the rice teracces there are some small villages where the farmers live. These houses are solid wooden houses with usually 2 stories. This house is also a guesthouse with several guest rooms. The man in the pictures looks somehow frightened with eyes wide open. The open dark area behind the doorway matches to his expression. What might there be inside? Maybe the few remaining Chinese signs next the door are a hint?


Bangkok (Thailand): Monk looking outside the Window (2010)

A typical scene for an hdr photo. Both interior of the room and the city outside are in lit equally. A conventional photo shows either a dark monk and a good view outside of the city, or shape and colour of the monk sitting inside and a completely white window. Even the golden colour of the bell outside remains is kept.


Chiangmai (Thailand): vendor waiting for clients(2010)

This relaxed guy is waiting for some people to buy his fruits. He seems to have all the time in the world. Maybe he is just waiting for a big fish. Tuk Tuk driver often sleep in their vehicles when waiting for passengers. In the Tuk Tuk on the left it is not really clear what he is transporting, but maybe that driver's work is to deliver the non vegetarian meals. At least he is prepared for the next race (airbrush painting in the corners).


Chiangmai (Thailand): the perfect portrait(2010)

Street market in Chiang Mai. In the middle of thousands of people and not at the edge of the road, this artist has almost finished the portrait of the young woman. Because it's already dark, the persons in the background seem blurry due to the longer exposure time. Thus the movement of the scene gets faster. Only two people in the picture are sharp: The model and her portrait. Even the painter turns his body slightly.


near Chiangmai (Thailand): harvest in the rice fields(2010)

In many areas in Thailand the harvest of the rice plants is done in "medieval" methods. In these hilly regions you can expect it whereas in the flat areas you can often see the population of whole villages harvesting a field in one row. Even in the heat during the hottest time of the day these farmers were long clothes.


Chiangmai(Thailand): Scooters for everyone(2010)

In Asia it is not necessary to get a license to drive a scooter. Why wearing helmets if it is not raining? You can often see families with 2 children driving on one scooter. If the children are old enough to hold on the sit on the rear seat, if they are younger they are just placed behind the handlebars. These kids obviously have fun driving their vehicle (understandable), they look in all possible directions, probably because they missed the first lessons: keep an eye on the traffic around you. One day in the tourist police station an officer warned us about the terrible traffic. But this is not terrible, here is just fun.


Bangkok(Thailand): Praying in the gutter(2010)

I do not know, if Buddhist have strict praying times. But if this guy had time enough, he could have chosen a cleaner area. But at least this corner was not overcrowded and he could pray in silence. If necessary, even a used empty plastic bottle will hold your candles.


near Athens(Greece): A sunny day (2010)

The photo is taken against the sun, so the picture is reduced to a silhouetted grey image. Boat cruise from Athens to Chios, because there are no direct ferries to Izmir in Turkey.


Krakow (Poland): Traditional Food (2010)

Market on the central square in Krakow. This young woman sells lots of tasty traditional food. The wooden stand and her costume make the picture even more traditional.


Moscow (Russia): A dream of sunshine (2010)

A terrible day in Moscow. Huge fires around the city make it almost impossible to walk outside. The contrast of the coloured advertisement to the grey silhouettes of the buildings alludes: This is what it should look like and not what you (try to) see. The man looks to that ad, while the woman is protecting her nose with a tissue.


Luang Prabang (Laos): the mirrored umbrella (2010)

Young monks walk everywhere in town. All clothes are in orange, even some of their umbrellas. Many boys become monks to get the possibility to go to school. The simple house behind has a huge antenna, TV is important even for the poorer people. The antenna is about the same size as the monk's umbrella and points in the opposite direction.


Luang Prabang (Laos): the fleeing monk (2010)

The national flag of Laos (partly hidden behind the roof) is always accompanied by the communist flag. The monk walks very fast, he is either hungry (picture taken around lunch time) or just trying to avoid some the curious tourists.


around Luang Prabang (Laos): The children rule the village (2010)

In the villages of the hill tribes in Laos and Thailand most parts of everyday life takes place on the "street". Even people shower or wash their hair outside the house. In Laos in these villages their is no electricity (different from their neighbours in Thailand). The picture was taken in the morning when most of the adult farmers already went to the fields. So there are many children in the village, these ones look like a little "gang" who rules the village. The bamboo houses are very simple, they have no windows and people cook inside at the open fire without a chimney, but the smoke finds its way outside, because the bamboo walls are not very dense.


Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia): At the hair stylist in Chinatown(2010)

Every morning this hairdresser in Chinatown works for a couple of hours before he finishes and leaves all his furniture on the street without worrying about theft or vandalism. During this hours he is quite busy, the next client is already waiting (in the front). A few meters away people sell food, which is of course also fresh made on the street.



Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia): Scarves on angry dolls (2010)

This snapshot shows a young girl before she enters the scarve shop. As in other countries she first has a look before she enters. The interesting thing in this picture is that all dolls in the front seem to look at her. The dolls are produced without a smile, this is very different from western shopping malls. The girl "answers" this look in the same serious way. The "communication" is even stronger, because the heads (girl and dolls) are in about the same height. The focus is on the dolls.




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