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Buildings and Cities

Published: Monday, 23 December 2013

A collection of more or less famous buildings in- or outside the cities.

Melbourne (Australia): Harbour City(2011)

Light grey dominates this image. Event the tram is white or grey. Waiting places are made of metal and glas. Hence the little parts of colour on the walls of the business buildings provide a small contrast. But the picture remains very technical and cold. Also because there are no people on the streets on this afternoon.



Siem Reap (Cambodia): Bayon Temple (2010)

This panorama picture was taken in the early morning. To avoid the crowds it is necessary to go to the temples early in the morning. I rode there by bike at around 5 to be there before the hordes of tuk tuks arrive. Bayon temple is not as famous as Angkor Wat itself, but still belongs to the top 5. At dusk the ruins spread out a mysterious atmosphere.


Beijing (China): Temple of heaven (2010)

The temple of heaven is located in a park also named temple of heaven. Especially in the morning there are lots of Chinese people practicing Tai Chi and other exercises. The picture was taken on a bright sunny day. So the sky is not dramatic in this picture, but the blue sky is also something special in Beijing, because - as people told me - usually theres a lot of smog in the capital.


Beijing (China): The Forbidden City (2010)

Just behind the forbidden city (on the north) there is a little park with a hill that provides this nice view. The Forbidden City stays dark while the rest of Beijing never sleeps. Only the entrance to the Forbidden City is lit up.


Shanghai (China): Pearl Tower (2010)

The Pearl Tower is one of the highest Buildings (and Towers) in the world. The reference of the other skyscrapers around the Pearl Tower points out how big this building is. The skyscrapers are even in front of the Tower and hence seem bigger than buildings farer away. The picture was taken from the 87th store of another "house".


Shanghai (China): Jing'an Temple (2010)

In contrast to Beijing the historical buildings in Shanghai are "integrated" in the city. This temple contains also one entry to the metro! Right behind - or next to it - or woven around it - is a shopping center that offers all the exclusive stores of the western world. The metallic look of the building in the front and the clean water surface emphasize the modern touch.


Hong Kong (Hong Kong): Skyline (2010)

A sea of light. Even the air reflects the neon lights because that day was quite humid. Every evening they make a light show, but even the laser beams of that show make almost no difference to the total perspective of the skyline.


Somewhere in the middle of nothing (Bulgaria):

The UFO building (2010) A former communist meeting building. The building is build upon a hill and today is a ruin. Around the building there are lots of sheep. Because the ruin offers shelter of the rain to them, it is very dirty. The graffity in English is in high contrast to the original stone writings in Cyrill. The clouds on the right side and the sun rays emphasize the UFO feeling.

Istanbul (Turkey): The Blue Mosque (2010)

The blue mosque has its name because of its blue interior. The six minarets symbolize the wealth of its creators and make the building seem huge.


Bratislava (Slovakia): UFO "Number 2" (2010)

Another UFO building (after the ruin in Bulgaria) in a former communistic country. If there is no hill just place the ship on the top of a bridge for perfect supervision. The O2 building next to the UFO shows the hight of the latter.


Chiangmai (Thailand): just another temple (2010)

The tower of the temple in the front contains stone carved elephants pointing in all directions. The low sun makes the golden roof of the tower shine in a bright golden colour.


Moscow (Russia): Saint Basil's Cathedral (2010)

The famous church at the red square. This was my second time in Moscow. Four weeks before that you would not have been able to see the colours because of the smoke Moscow was suffering from. I took this picture in the morning before the red square was closed due to a celebration (day of the city).


Moscow (Russia): Saint Basil's Cathedral (2010)

The sun just rises behind the soldiers monument in front of the church. For a better composition of the picture I would have needed a greater wide angle lens.


Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia): Petronas Towers (2010)

City park just behind the Petronas Towers. The modern building on the right side is a mosque. The roof also looks a bit alien. If all these buildings are still there the next day?


Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia): Petronas Towers (2010)

Ready to take off?



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