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Published: Sunday, 22 December 2013

A collection of animals and plants.

Puszta (Hungary): Sunflower field (2010)

Huge fields of sunflowers in Hungary's puszta. Though the region is flat and the roads are straght it is great fun just to cruise around. What these sunflowers might "think" of the crazy tourists that want to make a portrait foto of them? The left one looks a bit perplexed while the central flower could be a real poser.


Countryside(Scotland): Highland cattle (2009)

This one looks not amused - maybe he just got up and still has a little hangover? It's probable safer, not to get too close.


Hong Kong (Hong Kong): Bird park (2010)

Bird in front of a big leaf. The little depth of focus hides blurs the shape of the leaf in the background. This causes some kind of movement in the picture, although everything is quiet.


Koh Phi Phi (Thailand): The monkeys enter the ship (2010)

Picture taken on a boat cruise around the Phi Phi Islands. Monkey bay is one of those "must-see-stops". As soon as the boat arrives at the beach most of the people immediately jump of the boat to take pictures of each other feeding the animals. Some of the monkeys seem to realize this and think it is more productive to get the food supplies straight at the boat. As you can see on the mouth of the monkey the idea is not so bad.


Phuket (Thailand): Insect World (2010)

Even at an open aperture the butterfly's wings show motion. Inside the butterfly world it's quite easy to approach them.

Bukit Lawang (Indonesia): Dancing Orang (2010)

This Orang Utan just descended from a tree and probably uses also his arms to "walk". But sometimes (although seldom) they walk just on their feet. Still one hand in the tree the Orang Utan seems to dance in the forest. Orang in Indonesian means "human". So it's true to call these apes "humans of the forest". The Apes are semi-wild that means they were returned to the wild when they were children. Some babies were already born in the wild. So this is not a zoo and there were no fences.

Bukit Lawang (Indonesia): Inside the bat cave (2010)

The vempires are ready to strike... Bats on the stone ceiling of their cave. The do not seem to sleep. The flashlight reflects in their eyes. Sorry bats, but in was only one shot...


Punakaiki (New Zealand): Seagull in high tide (2011)

Near Punakake the sea gets sometimes pretty rough. There are also blowholes where the water enters underground and bursts out in a fountain on behind the coast. This picture shows an interesting rock formation. When getting to this place it's important to consider the time to get back, because this part of the narrow beach gets flooded in high tide.


Curio Bay (New Zealand): The yellow eyed penguine family (2011)

Almost ready to leave. The penguin children already have the size of their parents. But they still argue about who's getting fed first. The parent seems not happy about that. The yellow feathers around their eyes look like swimming glasses and characterize the adult ones. After 2 other places (without success) this was really a hot spot to see the rare yellow eyed penguins.


Brisbane (Australia): Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (2011)

Koalas sleep almost all of their time. Though, this one looks pretty curious. Probably he could see something eatable. In the sanctuary there's also a platypus and some Tasmanian devils.


Brisbane (Australia): Gecko on the ground (2011)

Although the picture was taken inside the Koala park, this gecko was not behind the fences. That one did not even belong to the exhibition. It just slipped through somewhere. In Australia the fauna is really different - in Brisbane at dawn you can see many flying foxes returning to their sleeping tree.



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