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Published: Saturday, 21 December 2013

A collection of pictures that show moving objects or some other kind of motion.


Krakow (Poland): town centre (2010)

The camera follows the moving horse waggon in this picture. The background is blurry through the motion, while the main object in the foreground remains sharp. Addtional contrast is caused by the black and white horses and waggons in front of coloured houses. One of the drivers puts his body towards his knees. That makes the second driver visible and puts more speed in the scene.


Kostroma (Russia): city celebration (2010)

One point of the celebration "day of the city" was a speed boat race in the river Kostroma.
The town of Kostroma belongs to the Golden Ring around Moscow and has 2 rivers flowing through the city: Kostroma and Wolga.
The camera is tagged to the slower boat containing the number 32. Thus this boat is sharp while the faster one that is passing by is blurry (faster) as well as the background landscape (steady).


Novosibirsk (Russia): train station (2010)

Camera is tagged on the moving train. Thus the train remains sharp while the couple in the front appears blurry.


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