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Published: Thursday, 19 December 2013

A collection of pictures that are surreal.




Hong Kong (Hong Kong): Skyline (2010)

This panorama picture was stiched of several single images.
The software can handle large panoramas only if objects are in a certain distance.
Objects that are close will be distorted.
In this picture I tried to undistort the foreground to appear correct: the handrail is in a straight line.
But thus the background (skyscrapers) seems to be on a sphere. As you can see, the world is not flat.



Budapest (Hungary): Park (2010)

Monument of the unknown poet (park in the city)
An exposure time of 1/10 sec. allows a change of zoom while the picture is made.
This creates an effect of "falling into the picture". The center (the poet's left shoulder) remains sharp and the movement increases towards the corners.
The unknown poet looks like a ghost, because you can not see his face. Has this monument been the inspiration to "Blind Guardian"'s album "the forgotton tales"?


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