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Published: Sunday, 27 December 2009

OpenCV = Open Source ComputerVision library.
OpenCV is originally a c-based programming interface that offers many simple AND more complex standard algorithms for Computer Vision / image processing.
It takes some time to get the basics of the algorithms and data structures because C functions tend to have many function parameters (not object oriented), but since 2008 the O'Reilly book "Learning OpenCV" is very good to cope with the library.


What I like most at this library is

1.) it offers many functions for different tasks in computer vision
- basic image processing functions (filters, morphology etc.)
- more complex functions that can be handled easily (Canny Edge detector)
- motion tracking algorithms
- stereoimaging to calibrate cameras and measure the depth/distance of real objects
- classification algorithms (e.g. Support Vector Machines)
- ...

2.) the project has many developers, release cycle is quite frequent.

3.) it is free even for commercial use (BSD license)

4.) mobile platforms (Android / IOS) are also supported. Combined with the camera of today's smartphones there are many possibilities for creative apps.

5.) cuda wrapper functionality to reduce processing time.

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