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A day in Moscow

Published: Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Moscow - Part I

a day in Moscow - August 7th, 2010

05.30 AM: Arrival in Moscow - Leningradsky station

06.00 AM: the air smells bad and it is dark (but still not daytime)
try to get orientation - metro connection at the station,
will have to leave Moscow at Jaroslavl station
buy 2 metro tickets before I recon that the two stations are next to each other

07.00 AM: found the other station and check the track where the train in the evening leaves

07.15 AM: still dark and smoky outside - find a place to store my heavy backpack

07.30 AM: use the first metro ticket to get to a place in the center.
I have no city map, so I just get off at a central library.
leave the metro station (inside the metro the air was not too bad)
outside almost no people on the streets, not many cars but it is still early morning

07.40 AM: the air smells as if preparing a barbecue and standing to close to the fire
walk slow, no exhausting walks so that I will not breath too heavily
I saw the library or the shades of that building, sightseeing is worthless
- and not healthy, but what can I do? the only place that was ok, was the metro?

08.00 AM: found the next metro station - let`s go back to the train station...


08.15 AM: checking the area around the station - on the other side of the street there is a big
shopping center - damn, it only opens at 9
waiting in the train station's hall - old people breathing hard. Temparature already
above 30 Deg Celcius. How long will they wait for their trains?
This is no place to spend the whole day. Check the supermarket or use the next train.

09.00 AM: The supermarket opens. It is better inside, but it is still hard to see to the other end
of the corridor - even inside the building.
Which floor is the best - i.e. the most comfortable? The shopping center has 4 floors ?
The entrance hall is no good - better than outside but still uncomfortable.
The top floor is even worse because air circulation is connected to outside atmosphere.

10.00 AM: found a place for a coffee with better air - seems that clothing shops and restaurants provide
the best air. Try to learn a few Russian words - too hard after a night with only little sleep.

12.00 AM: go outside to check if the situation got better. But it got even worse instead of getting better.
And hot - although one can not see the sun - it must be around 40 Deg C.
The few people walking outside cover their noses and mouths with masks.
The smoke is now really dense and you can only see the shades of the next building,
not of that what is behind. Back inside again.

12.30 AM: Another small bar with a fountain and a quiet area. Have a beer and a little nap.

02:00 PM: Situation is not much better. Still 8 hours until my train leaves.
Will spend my Moscow Day in the supermarket! No alternative - not any more.
The next few hours are a repeating procedure: coffee, sit, walk, listen to music

06:00 PM: Time for dinner - a Russian fast food chain shall be ok, eat some Borsch and a Blinn
Still 6 hours...
But outside it is better again. Comparable to the situation this morning.
Seems that the smoke is worst at noon.

08:30 PM: One and a half hours left - back to the train station - pick up my luggage and wait
for the train to Kostroma.

10:00 PM: Leaving Moscow. At least I have a bed in that train.
Wow, I was in Moscow and saw - a supermarket! But I have the chance to come back in 4 weeks.
Wonder, how it will be then. Not important at the moment.
But what about Kostroma, if it is the same situation there, I will leave after 2 days latest!

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