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some of my trips in the last couple of years. Up to now it's mostly pictures and a few posts from my old website. I think, I need some travelling to finish the textual part here and throughout the site :-)


Published: Wednesday, 18 December 2013

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travel costs - a comparison

Published: Tuesday, 17 December 2013

how far can I get in Russia for the same price as a regular DB (Deutsche Bahn) railway ticket from Munich to Hamburg?

- distance: 833 km (street distance)
- time: 5:33 hrs
- costs: 129 EUR (regular price)

I already booked the first two tickets:
1.) Saint Petersburg - Moskau
- distance: ~ 630 km (air distance)
- time: 7:30 hrs
- costs: 511,40 RUB -> 13,00 EUR

2.) Moskau - Kostroma
- distance: ~ 340 km
- time: 6:40 hrs
- costs:567,40 RUB - including bed -> 14,43 EUR

So, the first two parts were still cheaper as a regular ticket from Dresden to Berlin (37 EUR)!

How many miles are there left??


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tea culture in Turkey

Published: Sunday, 15 December 2013

Turkey - first problematic day followed by a great time.

I nearly had to leave Turkey before I actualy got in. Why? My international (green) vehicle insurance card was vaild in many countries including Russia, Ukraina but not Tunesia, Iran and Turkey. Yes, it was my own fault not to have double checked it before I left.
Unfortunately I took the ferry boat from Greece to Turkey (which has to be done via a Greek island - e.g. Chios to Cesme - because there are no direct ferry connections from Piraeus in Athens maybe because the two countries do not like each other?). When arriving at the Turkish border control after leaving the boat, the border officers told me that is a big problem without a valid insurance and even asked me if I had a return ticket for the ferry... Anyway they brought me an insurance paper by a Turkish insurance company after drinking 5 glasses of tea and checking my papers 4 times.
In the end it turned out why they made such a big deal about it - they could charge me 25EUR for the special service for an insurance letter of 8.6 Turk.Liras (~4.5EUR). Of course they do not give receipts or accept credit cards ;-)

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