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some of my trips in the last couple of years. Up to now it's mostly pictures and a few posts from my old website. I think, I need some travelling to finish the textual part here and throughout the site :-)

Norway 2013

Publicado: Viernes, 27 Diciembre 2013



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Publicado: Domingo, 22 Diciembre 2013

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USA - the South

Publicado: Jueves, 26 Diciembre 2013



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South-East Asia

Publicado: Sábado, 21 Diciembre 2013


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Yellowstone NP

Publicado: Miércoles, 25 Diciembre 2013


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Publicado: Viernes, 20 Diciembre 2013

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America - North-West

Publicado: Martes, 24 Diciembre 2013


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Publicado: Jueves, 19 Diciembre 2013

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Publicado: Martes, 24 Diciembre 2013

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going from Russia to China by local trains

Publicado: Miércoles, 18 Diciembre 2013

Irkutsk - Peking
start: 17.09.2010 10:21 (Irktusk time, 5:21 Moscow time)
end:   20.09.2010 21:30 (Peking time = Irkutsk time minus 1h)

going the Transmandschurian by national trains and taking a bus to pass the Russian-Chinese border...

I had no visa for Mongolia. Of course, it is possible to get one, but about 100 $ for a paper to enter a country was too much (I did not want to stay there more than 1 week).
The missing visa and the reports of other travellers that many people in Ulan Bataar are nerving made me think about an alternative.
So, why not getting "straight" from Russia to China? There is also a branch of the Transsiberian track, that goes to Peking without crossing Mongolia. But the Transmandschurian railway only runs once a week (on Tuesdays) and it was Thursday (I could not leave earlier, because I wanted to visit the Baikal lake).

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New Zealand

Publicado: Lunes, 23 Diciembre 2013


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A day in Moscow

Publicado: Miércoles, 18 Diciembre 2013

Moscow - Part I

a day in Moscow - August 7th, 2010

05.30 AM: Arrival in Moscow - Leningradsky station

06.00 AM: the air smells bad and it is dark (but still not daytime)
try to get orientation - metro connection at the station,
will have to leave Moscow at Jaroslavl station
buy 2 metro tickets before I recon that the two stations are next to each other

07.00 AM: found the other station and check the track where the train in the evening leaves

07.15 AM: still dark and smoky outside - find a place to store my heavy backpack

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