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Here are a few descriptions and backgrounds of the pics in the picture gallery.
Also some articles about techniques I found out and want to share...


Publication : mercredi 25 décembre 2013

A collection interesting landscapes in different lights


near Guilin (China): rice terraces (2010)

2-3 hours from Guilin in southern China there is this beautiful landscape. The picture is taken in autumn. This is why the rice is golden brown instead of green and there is no water on the terraces. The harvest is mostly done but some farmerswere still harvesting the rice in the terreaces. The picture was taken in the morning after the rain stopped. The foggy atmosphere is even amplified by the fire near one of the houses.

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Publication : mardi 24 décembre 2013

A collection of pictures - mostly snapshots - on the streets or public areas.


Beijing (China): Entrance to the Forbidden City (2010)

There are many people in China, especially in Beijing. This picture was taken near the entrance of the Forbidden City, but these people were just passing by and not waiting to get in some attractions. The first week of October is Chinese holiday (whole week) and even more people are travelling around the country. The picture reminds me of the movie "the Matrix" where Neo first attends the training program (only the lady in red is missing).

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Publication : samedi 21 décembre 2013

A collection of pictures that show moving objects or some other kind of motion.


Krakow (Poland): town centre (2010)

The camera follows the moving horse waggon in this picture. The background is blurry through the motion, while the main object in the foreground remains sharp. Addtional contrast is caused by the black and white horses and waggons in front of coloured houses. One of the drivers puts his body towards his knees. That makes the second driver visible and puts more speed in the scene.

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Buildings and Cities

Publication : lundi 23 décembre 2013

A collection of more or less famous buildings in- or outside the cities.

Melbourne (Australia): Harbour City(2011)

Light grey dominates this image. Event the tram is white or grey. Waiting places are made of metal and glas. Hence the little parts of colour on the walls of the business buildings provide a small contrast. But the picture remains very technical and cold. Also because there are no people on the streets on this afternoon.

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HDR photography

Publication : vendredi 20 décembre 2013

hdr fotography is a method to combine images of the same scene. These images are taken with different exposure time and thus represent a range of brightnesses.
Normally when you take a picture of a scenery with very dark and bright images (dark room inside a house with a window on a sunny day - illuminated town square at dusk or at night) you have to chose which part of the scene will be illuminated correctly. For hdr images many source images of different brightness are merged together, so that not only one brightness is represented correctly.

A picture is worth a thousand words - in this case a picture series:



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Publication : dimanche 22 décembre 2013

A collection of animals and plants.

Puszta (Hungary): Sunflower field (2010)

Huge fields of sunflowers in Hungary's puszta. Though the region is flat and the roads are straght it is great fun just to cruise around. What these sunflowers might "think" of the crazy tourists that want to make a portrait foto of them? The left one looks a bit perplexed while the central flower could be a real poser.

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Publication : jeudi 19 décembre 2013

A collection of pictures that are surreal.




Hong Kong (Hong Kong): Skyline (2010)

This panorama picture was stiched of several single images.
The software can handle large panoramas only if objects are in a certain distance.
Objects that are close will be distorted.
In this picture I tried to undistort the foreground to appear correct: the handrail is in a straight line.
But thus the background (skyscrapers) seems to be on a sphere. As you can see, the world is not flat.

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